Daughter Tardiness, pt. 05: One Week Late


Very perturbing.

I have been talking to my Daughter, via her Mother's belly, for many months. Many of my monologues have been filled with cliches, such as "I can't wait to see you" and "I love you so much."

Other chats have had important bits of information, such as "no need to ever try mushrooms, you'll hate 'em," "don't get walked on by anybody no matter how old you are," and "Grandaddy really IS the experimental American Radiohead, by way of 1972 Neil Young."

I have also told her a list of qualities that are important to develop. Loyalty, respect for everyone, willingness to laugh at anything your dad says is funny, etc. Among the most important of these qualities is Independence. She has obviously not understood the context I said this in. What I meant was, Independence WITHIN the boundaries I have set for her. So when people tell me, smirking, chuckling, that she is "Independent" for deciding to show up on her own time, I say, NO, that is NOT Independence. That is plain Stubborn Obstinance. NOT one of the Eleven Most Important Attributes to Develop.

One week overdue now. Unthoughtful Pill.

ALSO: J.M. Long has a new (demo) song up on MySpace. Please Come Home. I'm going to post it here until I get in trouble with him, which may be soon. Pretty freakin' amazed where he's going with music. I kinda see him as being at the same crossroads with Music as I once was with Prison Ball. Tons, just TONS of potential. He might be unleashing it a little more fruitfully.

ALSO: Jonny has finally posted again. Go read it. Hilarious.

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