Daughter Tardiness, pt. 03

Fireworks of the traditional kind. That's it. Still nothing.

It's perhaps not a tragedy that I've had a few extra days to prepare for the entrance of my daughter. It's given me time to formulate some plans for the upcoming year.


I will be launching a blog series about "Fathering the First Year: How to Do It Almost Perfectly."

Notice I didn't say "Completely Perfectly." I will probably make mistakes.

Somewhere between four and six, I suspect. But by Day 366, expecting fathers should be able to look over my notes, recommendations, lists, and tirades and weather their own Year 01 with great aplomb.

Yes, I did just use the word "aplomb." It's archaic. But so is Neil Diamond. And "Forever in Blue Jeans" will still be classically archaic in 2048, and quite possibly still be the Greatest Song Ever. And Daughter and I will still be listening to it together. And Mum.

NOTE: That's me and my nephew Torsten at Burgerville. Not my daughter.

NOTE 02: Their Mocha Blast milkshakes are refreshingly healthy. Torsten attempted to steal mine, but I intervened at the last second.

FACT: children should not heavily drink coffee before the age of Three.

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