Daughter Tardiness, pt. 02

Still no sign.

Becca's going to give waterbirth a try. That means she'll deliver the baby in a tub. Of water. I will be in there as well, assisting, bringing her bubbles, toys, pictures of Johnny Depp, or anything else that will help her focus on things other than physical trauma.

Amidst this joyous anticipation, there's one small bit that's been troubling me. Becca was informed that she had the option of A) being nude for delivery or B) wearing minimal clothing, such as a sports bra. I, however, was specifically told that I do NOT have the option of assisting her in the naked. I will be forced to wear shorts, which I find highly racist. Apparently they're concerned that it could be "distracting" to hospital staff. Not like I was planning on jogging back and forth between the vending machines, not frequently anyway.

No matter how much we flatter ourselves for our progression as a society, there are times when I tremble with fear at the troglodytic peons forcing their will upon the people.

This would NEVER happen in Bulgaria.


I do have a strong feeling she's coming tonight.

I reluctantly point out that I've had similarly strong feeling for the past four nights. I am not gaining much respect on the Baby Seer front. But seriously, probably tonight. I can feel it.

Gotta go try and sew some Saran wrap board shorts. Keep you posted.

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