Loving the Liar

I have only recently discovered some news that brings sadness to my soul. Many of you may remember a recent post in which I bragged about my wife taking Second Place in the Bloomsday Race.


I stumbled across a photo today in which it was revealed to me that not only was she not in the Top Two, she was not even in the Top Thirty Thousand. She finished 31,422nd.

That is a considerable distance from 2nd. Very disappointing.

Why she chose to lie to me, to deceive all of us about something so important, is something that me and our Daughter will probably never understand. Sometimes the ways in which people scream out for help are difficult to comprehend.

Although I did actually make some passing remark about loving her more if she finished in the Top Two.

This week, Uncle Jonny and I will be talking about "Disappointment." Stay tuned.

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