Return from Spokane

Becca and Daughter returned from Spokane this afternoon. I spent 53 hours on my own. The first two were exhilarating, but then I started missing the girls and the independent thing wore off. So I worked on the house, embroidered a slug* on a patch for my work jeans, and watched Gil Grissom take down baddies in Vegas at 1:00 am.

*when I say "slug," i am not being metaphoric. i really did stitch a slug. i do not know why. it seemed visionary at midnight.

Becca took 2nd in the Bloomsday Run. Although it may seem odd that I would be proud of her for coming in second, as opposed to actually winning, it is true. I really am proud of her. We had high expectations for her and had planned on her victory, but life can throw you spitballs, so thus we settled for First Loser, as Matt W pointed out. I have not actually verified that she placed second, but we have the kind of relationship where even the smallest "white" lies are not acceptable, so I know I can unquestioningly trust that she did indeed finish "second."

More Is Not Always More
Note Ia: Joseph Arthur: good concert, not as fun as last time. Probably too much weed. Mr. Arthur. Not me.

Note Ib: do not smoke weed, at least not until you've already done something really successful. Note: I do not smoke weed.

It's very good to have my girls back.

Note II: go to Jonny's blog. Very charming and occasionally percipient.

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