Henry, Portrait of an Official Introduction to Parenting

The Very Long Empire will be welcoming a new associate sometime in July.

For the time being, we are referring to him/her as "Henry." We have chosen "Henry" as a codename for a few reasons:

1. "Henry" is easier to remember than "Genghis Anders" or "Jackomo," both suggestions of Uncle Matt.
2. "Henry" is a bi-gender name, meaning it can be used for either a dude or a girl.
3. "Henry" is not one of the actual options for the real name, just a good placeholder. The real options will be kept under tight security until a yet-to-be determined date, so as to ward off nefarious name-stealers. You know who you are.

Regarding employment with The Company: we are strong believers in Nepotism as a viable - and fair - hiring practice, so Henry will be eligible for some immediate perks, such as breastfeeding from the President's Wife, and perhaps occasionally - OCCASIONALLY - getting his diaper changed by the President himself.

It goes without saying, though it shall be said regardless, that The President is delighted with this news.

(this is The President writing)

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