I'd give myself a C- for selfie-skills on this (yeah, that's me, with a smidgen of my right eye in frame). But more importantly, I would give our afternoon with these coolio peeps a solid A. Sorry, I don't do A+s unless there's water slides or ice cream buffets involved. But solid A. Wonderful, delightful chill time outside with loud children, savory snacks, hot beverages, nifty convo, hard playing, and loud children - yes, they were all uber joyful and the volumes of their combined voices carried to the 38th parallel. Fun times making memories with good buds. ____ #pnw #44pacificnwplaces #childrening #stokedcoffee http://ift.tt/2oKYIxY April 29, 2017 at 10:45PM


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